From May 17 to 28, Festival de Cannes celebrates its Seventh Birthday. Over the last 70th editions, The Film Festival gave us the biggest talents from cinema industry. From Rosselini, Welles, De Sica to Clouzot, Bunuel, Godard, Fellini and Visconti…, Cannes carried them to the edge of film heritage as cult directors.

Film soundtracks are fully a part of this heritage, precisely because Music and Image are indivisibe. Much more than that, soundtracks immerses spectators in the realm of imagination and merges with the soundtrack of our lives. As a redolence, music imbues our memories and our imagination throughout films.

Cannes Soundtrack was founded as an echo of the Festival, in the aim of setting up Music & Cinema and rewarding the best soundtrack, and their composers, among the Official Competition.

Vincent Doerr / Founder Cannes Soundtrack

"A film is more like music than fiction" Stanley Kubrick


Cannes Soundtrack Awards
Cannes Soundtrack was founded in 2010 and has given a reward for Best Film Music from The Official Selection of the Festival since 2012. The reward is handed out by a Jury composed by journalists.

Cannes Soundtrack Event
Each year during the Festival Cannes Soundtrack sets up meetings, masterclasses and discussions with composers, movie teams and professionals from Cinema Industry. They are meant to federate people around Music & Cinema events on the fringes of Festival de Cannes.

Cannes Soundtrack Live
Cannes Soundtrack also sets up Music & Cinema lives and showcases by composers.

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Good Time
Oneohtrix Point Never


The Neon Demon
Cliff Martinez


The Assassin
Lim Giong


Maps to the Stars
Howard Shore


Only Lovers Left Alive
Jozef van Wissem


Vous n’avez encore rien vu
Mark Snow


Meetings with composers

More than 200h

of movie showings


awarded composers


Competition Films